Best Places to Eat on New Year's Day in London

There's no better way to welcome in a new year than with a stonking big hangover, right? With all the festivities of New Year's Eve done for another 365 days, it's easy to feel a little worse for wear once the 1st January rolls around. Nevertheless, these bars and restaurants across the city won't let the bank holiday get in the way of their efforts to provide the perfect fix. Let us be your guide as you explore the best places to eat on New Year's Day. 

Cures for a heavy head come from Inamo's Soho and Covent Garden locations, where they'll be slinging sushi and offering interactive techy experiences that are sure to bring you back to life a little. To round it off? A little hair of the dog from the expert cocktail creators. 

Flight Club

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Keep the celebrations rolling on with Flight Club's New Year's Day Brunch Social. Hit up one of the old school darts dens around London with your bubble where you'll fun private oches, bottomless pizza paddles and bottles of prosecco awaiting. 

Electric Shuffle

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Get 2022 off to a flying start with an Electric Shuffle brunch. This New Year's Day feast in London sees you wolf down unlimited pizza and a bottle of prosecco each, before spending an hour at your group's private shuffleboard to battle it out and see who becomes champion.

Balans Soho Society is all about indulging your foodie desires, so put those resolutions on hold and tuck into their signature Balans Burger this New Year's Day for the ultimate hangover fix. Combine this with a classic cocktail and you'll be restored in no time.


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Sketch will have its doors wide open for hungry patrons come New Year's Day, and while the Lecture Room & Library will be closed, we can guarantee the rest of the kooky hideaway is worth exploring. From its art-lined walls and astounding eats, it's a cracking way to kick off 2022.