London's Best Pub Pies

A beer and a pie in the pub is as English as it gets. London pubs have always been committed to maintaining this tradition and many seek to create the best 'pub pie' experience possible. From homely pub pies, to weird and wonderful experiments, check out our recommended list of the best pub pies in London, and who knows, you could be tucking into some of them very very soon...

Last updated on 9th May 2022

The Admiralty

45 user reviews 5

It's the simple joys in life. And nothing brings joy like a hearty, homemade pie and a pint for us Brits. Steaming with flavour and a signature short crust pastry, The Admiralty knows the importance of the prestigious pub pie. Packed with delicious fillings and served with a crafty ale or lager you'll be spoilt for choice in this pubs pie-ville. Try their tasting board for a selection of mini-pies and matched sample ales. Pies away!

Wandsworth is known for its charming British pubs, and it's also know for the food they churn out. If you're looking for a great place in London to eat pies, The Althorp promise just that thanks to a daily changing pie option alongside plenty of gastro options. 

Spread Eagle

13 user reviews 5

The Spread Eagle Croydon is all about two things: pies and ale. Going down perfectly with a pint, their pies are homemade with the finest ingredients, featuring traditional recipes with a tasty twist. And once you've had your fill, head up to their playhouse, which hosts the finest in theatre, comedy and film.

Pilot Chiswick

7 user reviews 5

It's important to escape the hustle and bustle sometimes, and nowhere is better for that than the leafy suburbs of Chiswick. Not only boasting a shapely pub in The Pilot, this gastro stop-off does one of the best steak and ale pies in the area.

The Princess Of Wales

1 user review 4

A short walk from Trafalgar Square, this cosy and welcoming Central London pub offers a great range of local craft ales and some delicious pies. From steak and pale ale offerings, to a vegan lentil cottage version, it's got you covered for hearty stomach-fillers.

The Hope, Smithfield

25 user reviews 5

Fronting a list of steaming pies, including steak with Stilton, mushroom and chicken fillings, The Hope is a Farringdon pub serving some of the best pies in the capital. Better yet, they're only £7.50 - a real bargain when putting your feet up after a long day.

Grove House Tavern

40 user reviews 5

Pay a visit to Grove House Tavern in the evening and you'll get to dive into a list of freshly made bakes from Cutie Pies. Found in the heart of South East London, this quirky neighbourhood boozer will have you scoffing on sharing pies filled with seasonal ingredients.

On the lookout for the best pies in London? This City spot should be on your list, with a mouthwatering offering; from chicken and portobello mushroom pies to the lentil cottage pie and even a little steak and ale number.

The Clock House

525 user reviews 4

Steak and ale pies, pecan pies, fruit pies and chicken pies, it's often hard to pick a pie when so many great ones are on offer, so how about the humble and classic shepherd's pie? If that sounds like just your thing, grab your pals for a meal down in Peckham as The Clock House serve some of the very best.