Cutesy London Bars

Some bars are just so adorable it's impossible to do anything but take a picture of everything from the decorations to your drinks. Cute bars in London are everywhere if you know how to look, because if there's one thing this city loves more than anything else, it's aesthetics. So get those cameras ready, think up a witty caption and prepare to visit these cutesy London bars. 

Simmons Soho

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The Soho branch of the happy hour kings Simmons is probably one of the most kitsch bars in London. Boasting a retro aesthetic with grandma's lampshades and wallpaper set against white tiled walls and neon signs, it's the perfect environment to enjoy a teapot cocktail or two.

Unwined in Waterloo

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Whether you're an avid wine lover or just looking for your next relaxing hangout, this Waterloo bar and restaurant should be on your radar. Expect an impressive list of wines from England and around the world, as well as, a regularly changing selection of chefs.