Best Bars To Get Molecular Cocktails

For many of us, discovering a new drinking venue is all about finding the most innovative cocktail creations, bursting full of exotic flavour, presented in quirky fashions and whipped up in the most theatrical and awe-inspiring ways. Molecular mixology – the making of cocktails via physical and chemical transformations of ingredients - happens to be one of the latest drink mixing innovations taking stage in many new bars in London. To help you discover the best bars to get molecular cocktails, we have come up with a list of our top favourites. These molecular cocktail bars in London will leave you mesmerized!


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Designed as a secret underground speakeasy just off Old Street roundabout, Nightjar is a sleek cocktail bar that's constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new combinations with it's cocktails. Armed with every ingredient you can imagine,  plus a crack team of mixologists, the venue serves only the finest molecular cocktails in London. 

Worship Street Whistling Shop is the modern day creation of a Victorian speakeasy bar, and brings to you the golden age of cocktail creation. Here you will find some of London's most experimental cocktail crafting and presentation techniques. The Whistling Shop mixologists delight in the tradition of using advanced molecular and chemical theory to make totally unique beverages, which they then serve up in anything from teapots to test tubes.

WM Barker & Co

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The mixologists behind WM Barker & Co have never grown out of the 1920s. Their prohibition-era bar has made huge waves since opening and dazzles London's revellers with what seems like an endless list of hand-crafted, inventive cocktails. Enjoy an in-house smoked old fashioned, sip on a Clockwork Orange or sink deep into the bold flavours of a Titanic. 


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For an exciting and dramatic display of cocktail making, visit Purl bar in Mayfair where molecular mixology is used to the finest and most visually impressive degree. In this unique, top London bar guests can sit back and relax while the professional mixologists put on an elaborate show, crafting drinks inspired by the golden age of cocktails. Bear in mind this is a 'splash the cash' venture for avid cocktail enthusiasts.  

The Bootlegger

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Hidden underneath the skyscrapers of the City of London, The Bootlegger draws inspiration from the secret prohibition bars that defined the 1920s in America. Using an arsenal of fresh fruit, spices, international spirits and eye-watering liqueurs, the bar serves a variety of interesting molecular cocktails to its guests, all using basic recipes that have been twisted violently out of shape. 

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The London boutique cocktail bar in Clerkenwell that is Zetter Townhouse is bursting full of imaginative cocktails that will send your taste buds wild. Zetter Townhouse's professional mixologist, Tony Conigliaro takes inspiration from old recipes for tinctures, bitters and herbal remedies to create the homemade cordials, all perfectly complemented with delicious dishes from a menu designed by award winning chef, Bruno Loubet.