10 Unique Things to Do in London

Capital of Britain, capital of the World... London is without a doubt one of few places on the Earth where anything seems possible. From art and music, to sport and nightlife, a number of different cultures and ways of life clash together within the M25, making it a hotbed of exuberant activity and wondrous sights. Dynamic in every sense of the word, the ever-changing character of the capital means that it's housed some of the most brilliantly bizarre urban events in the world. Here's a list of 10 unique things to do in London.

Last updated on 29th June 2018

@ Shrek's Adventure! London on Friday 2 November 2018

You are invited to a unique opportunity to have a night out in the land of Shrek. Journey to Far Far Away where you'll receive an extra special DreamWorks concocted drink on arrival, before Donkey will drive you on a jaw-dropping 4D bus ride. If you make it through, you'll got to the Poison Apple Pub and have a shot with Doris, the bar maid.

1 events @ Brunel Museum Rooftop Garden with 28 upcoming dates from 29 Jun 2018 until 29 Sep 2018

Charming and beautifully atmospheric, this pop up event on the roof of the Brunel Museum is one of the most unique things to do in London. With botanical cocktails, marshmallow toasting and delicious street food, Midnight Apothecary will make sure you have one the loveliest nights out of the year.