10 Unique Things to Do in London

Capital of Britain, capital of the World... London is without a doubt one of few places on the Earth where anything seems possible. From art and music, to sport and nightlife, a number of different cultures and ways of life clash together within the M25, making it a hotbed of exuberant activity and wondrous sights. Dynamic in every sense of the word, the ever-changing character of the capital means that it's housed some of the most brilliantly bizarre urban events in the world. Here's a list of 10 unique things to do in London.

Last updated on 13th June 2022

A Beyonce orchestral rendition, empowering educational talks, a Legally Blonde Screening and a supper club are just some of the events on the agenda this 8th March, in celebration of International Women's Day. Take a gander at our top picks for some inspiration and a few exclusive offers.