Top 10 Bars to Drink a Daiquiri in London

"I drink to make other people more interesting." It's common knowledge that celebrated American author Ernest Hemingway liked a drink or two, but his famous favourite was the deliciously simple daiquiri with its punchy rum, tangy lime and sweet sugar combo. Now a quintessential concoction in most cocktail bars and forever showcasing a stream of fruity and vibrant variations, we've mapped out the best bars to discover this Cuban classic. From high-end bars to Caribbean themed taverns, you'll find just the right venue to delight in daiquiri heaven, so check out our recommendations for the best bars to drink a daiquiri in London.

As the name suggests, these cocktail specialists just love making cocktails and they do them with unbeatable precision and perfection. Showcasing some of the most impressive breadths of artistic and experimental liquor concoctions, barflies from far and wide are seduced  by this cocky flytrap. Try your hand at making your very own daiquiri or leave the masters to it and enjoy an icy original or well shaken strawberry.

Casa Blue

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Specialising in cocktails, upbeat Casa Blue showcases an equally experimental and extensive cocktail menu, ranging from crazy to classic and encompassing all sorts of fruit, booze and other mad professor type ingredients. Keeping it simple but strong, Casa Blue promotes the rum-fuelled daiquiri in its original recipe, but we're sure the lovely servers would be eager to please should you wish to add your own spin on it.

Sleek, sharp and stylish just like their thirst-quenchers, the Hawksmoor basement cocktail bar in trend-setting Spitalfields offers a very suave and sophisticated speakeasy ambience to enjoy an alcohol-accompanied catch up with old friends. The Hawksmoor's famously broad selection of steaks is mirrored in its cocktail list with an exciting, experimental spin to suit every thirsty individual, and among the bunch of notably imaginative liquors, the 'Nuclear Banana Daiquiri' is a sweet addition!

El Camion Soho

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El Camion's cool and colourful Mexicano memorabilia and upbeat Latin vibes complement cocktail drinking no end, and with enticing menus dedicated to various liquors, we're sure the menu devoted to daiquiri will leave you swimming merrily in daiquiri delight. From super fruity blends and straight-up originals to Hemingway's 'Papa Doble', you'll find the daiquiri that suits you to a tee.

Connaught Bar

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James Bond and the iconic martini was so last decade. Become the legend Ernest Hemingway and live the high life as you pull up a stool at Mayfair's prestigious Connaught Bar and indulge in their eclectic array of cocktails. As you'd expect in this most desirable district of London, your daiquiri will be given the utmost care as the bar's super skilled servers whip up your daiquiri neither shaken nor stirred, but instead using a highly impressive, old-school 'throwing' technique. You have to see it to believe it.

American Bar

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Few places do class and elegance as well as the Savoy, so be transported back to the timeless twenties inside its Art Deco-inspired American Bar and discover the beginning of the daiquiri days in this prestigious, vintage-chic venue. Boasting a cocktail recipe book referred to as the 'bartender's bible', the award-winning and iconic American Bar will make you feel like the decadent Great Gatsby as you sip on your expert-made daiquiri.

The Cuban

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The now world famous daiquiri allegedly came to light during the early 20th century, originating from a Cuban beach and iron mining quarry, where some miner dude coined the term to describe his crazy, new invention. Since Cuba is daiquiri's birthplace it seems only right to visit Camden Market's Che Guevara and flag clad The Cuban cocktail bar to sample this century-old liquid success. Try the original or taste numerous tutti-frutti alternatives available - of course the Hemingway makes a menu appearance with his signature bitter grapefruit twist.