Famous Restaurants in London

Iconic institutions, low-key hideaways and glamorous spots make up this essential hit list. Whether you're after a celebrity sighting or fancy dining at the best restaurants in the city, we've rounded up most legendary places that are known around the world. From sky-high settings to award-winning menus, here's the most famous restaurants in London.

Last updated on 13th October 2022

Sexy Fish

Ever the sexy spot, this restaurant and bar centres on East Asian food, late night bites and cracking cocktails. It's a numbers game here; not only are there over 400 bottles of Japanese of whisky, but there's even £1 million-worth of artwork by Frank Gehry and Damien Hirst.

The Ivy Cafe

One of the most famous places for all-day dining, The Ivy Cafe is an iconic British brasserie. Whether you're after breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea or dinner, you'll find a variety of menus and decadent interiors to match.


Recognised far and wide for their stunning turbot, Brat is the brainchild of chef Tomos Parry. Located in Shoreditch, this Michelin-starred restaurant has a strong Basque influence; with neutral decor, modern lighting and a strong focus on well-cooked seafood and delectable wines.