Quirky Pop-Ups In London

If there's one thing we can say for the people of this city, it's that there is no limit to their imagination, demonstrated by the sheer number of wacky, weird and downright quirky pop-ups in London. From an alcoholic tea party inspired by Pat Butcher through to a sport that King VIII used to play, these are just a few of our favourite unusual pop-ups in London.

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Last updated on 16th April 2024

Fiddle Paradiddle's Pop-Up Ceilidh

Looking for something a little different in Balham or South Bermondsey? This pop-up ceilidh from Fiddle Paradiddle is gonna be wicked. Not only will you get to dance to your heart's content to classic and nu-folk tracks, but also sip whisky, beer or wine in a friendly setting.

The 90's Brunch

Roll back the clock at the 90s Brunch, undoubtedly one of London's quirkiest pop-up events. Certain to leave you beaming from ear to ear, the event revolves around a home cooked brunch offering, rounded off by huge 90s tracks - R Kelly, Destiny's Child etc - and a few frivolous rounds of lip-syncing.

Alcotraz London: Cell Block Two-One-Two

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: London on Various dates from Wednesday 29th May 2024

Ever drank in prison before? Because now's your time. It's all getting a bit Orange is the New Black up in here, where it's up to you to smuggle in your favourite bottle of alcohol, past the warden using bribery and special techniques, so that one of the inmates can mix you up some spectacular cocktails.