Prince Harry's Favourite London Clubs

What is there to say about Prince Harry... women lust after him, guys just want to pat him on the back and shake his hand. The Royal playboy is one of London's biggest celebrities and trendsetters, and where he goes, the partygoers of London are sure to follow. With the prince known as an avid clubber; we've put together a list of Harry's favourite London nightspots to give some of you 'commoners' a chance to party like you're a prince or princess and join the beautiful people of London for an evening.

Bodo's Schloss

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Another new London club for Harry to visit, Bodo's Schloss is a new opening in Kensington which is literally at the bottom of the prince's garden! This Austrian ski lodge themed club attacts the young, rich and famous of London and even has an ex-Made In Chelsea star as part-owner! We expect Harry to make Bodo's Schloss one of his favourite haunts over the coming months and if it's good enough for royalty, it's more than good enough for us commoners.