The smacking of lips, the incessant stains and the rich flavours; London, you're barmy about BBQ alright. And while that may seem a funny thing seeing as we're more wash-out than white sands, London comes up trumps when it comes to some of the best BBQ restaurants in the UK. So where to celebrate and scoff this National BBQ Week this coming May 30th? Funny that, 'cause here's five options you messy sprites. Take a napkin......

BBQ With The Duke

The Beef Rib at Duke's Brew & Que

Serious about the smoke, this 18th century pub in the heart of De Beauvoir is primed with all things low and slow. Knocking you back £24 with coleslaw and pickled red onion to boot, go ahead and gorge on the gress-fed 17oz Beef Rib, smoked over hickory and mesquite wood for that packing and intense flavour. 

dukes best bbq in london

Get down and dirty with the Duke, as this pub comes in as a premium BBQ heavyweight in London. 

BBQ and Blues

St Louis Pork Rib at Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

Smothering bibs and making all friends class dibs, the St Louis Pork Rib is a force to be reckoned with. Slow cooked for 8 succulent hours, these melt in the mouth moments impress at just £13.50 with fries and slaw. Pair that with live blues music and craft beer to boot, and you're feeling hunky over hickory, all night long. 

blues kitchen best bbq in london

Blues Kitchen Shoreditch is heralded for its name as a rowdy rib joint in East London. 

The Deep South BBQ

8 Hour Slow Beef Rib with Slaw at Joe's Kitchen Kentish Town

If you're prime to salivating over food from the heart of the Deep South, then our chum Joe's in Kentish Town is sure to have those hickory inspired hankerings covered. Primed with Americana eats, tuck into the 8 hour slow beef rib with a side of slaw at 18 big bucks for that fleshy, fresh and juicy flavour. 

joes best bbq in london

Looking for BBQ food in London? Joe's is a name that is sure to need emblazoning on yer brain. 

Finger on the Trigger BBQ

USDA Point End Brisket at Shotgun

First they brought us Lockhart, now they're aiming for our hearts with Shotgun. Brimming with BBQ bites, this heralded haven for lunch and dinner promises authentic American barbecue dishes and New Orleans cocktail loungin'. Schmoke 'em with the Point End Brisket. Have it wet, have it lean, have the burnt ends. 

shotgun best bbq food in london

Shotgun pull London's trigger finger and produces some of the finest BBQ food in the city. 

A BBQ in Thailand

Barbecue Five Spice Pork Belly with Nam Prik Som at Smoking Goat

Funnily enough, American isn't the only rooting tooting place for conjured meats and BBQ moments. Bringing about the Thailand BBQ in flavourful fashion, Smoking Goat unleash delicious war on your palate with a five spice pork belly with spices for £18 atop their sweet chestnut and oak cask wood barbecue. 

smoking goat best bbq in london

Take a trip to Thailand as Smoking Goat present a unique taste of BBQ food in London.