Best Sazerac in London

Born in the savage 19th century in the slave-driving Southern state of Louisiana, the Sazerac is a cocktail that's older than many Nation States. Although over the years its been added to and twisted out of shape, the Sazerac has always had a Cognac or Whiskey base and is usually made up of a combination of absinth, sugar and Peychaud's Bitters. Circling back to today, this taste of pre-civil war New Orleans can still be found across London. With an abundance of cocktail bars and a knack for reinventing itself every few years, London remains one of the few cities that seems to do the Sazerac justice. Whether it's your favourite drinks, or you just fancy trying it for the first time, here's a list of London bars that have all added their own twists to this classic cocktail. 

Mint Leaf Lounge

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Tradition is central to the Mint Leaf Lounge. Alongside a delicious menu of Indian food, the team use their irresistible cocktail list to brings the heat and flavour of the Sub-Continent to the capital. The Sazerac plays a big role here. Using Rye Whiskey and Martells VS Cognac, this City based bar produces a delectable cocktail that's full of flavour and acknowledges the traditional aspect of this concoctions. 

American Bar

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Arguably one of the most elegant cocktail bars in London, the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel serves a number of classic creations and concoctions produced by the some of the most inventive American mixologists of all time. Roll back the decades with with their timeless Sazerac. Described as the closest 'we will get to the original McCoy', their bartenders use the 150 year-old Sazerac De Forge brandy and 50 year-old Pernod Absinth to produce this Louisianan treat. 

Peg + Patriot

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As part of Matt Whiley's empire, Peg+Patriot in Bethnal Green offers one of the most intriguing and wonderfully-bizarre cocktail lists in Central London. The award winning mixologist, who was the brains behind The Talented Mr Fox pop-up and the West-End bar Purl, really lets hims creativity flow as he flares together an array of otherwise conflicting spirits. The Salted Beef Sazerac is no exception. Using salted beef beigal and serving the drink with a single packet of mustard, this unique twist is well worth a try.