Food Experiences in London

Three-course meal not going to cut it? Bored of your bog-standard cheese board? Whether you're in a foodie hump or over the latest new opening, London's not giving up on you yet, with a whole host of unusual and interesting dining experiences. Scoff slap-up meals on a train to hell, slurp soup while worshipping the god of wine, and nibble on the unknown in pitch darkness - whatever you want with your next meal out, these food experiences in London have got the answer.

Last updated on 4th September 2019

@ Pedley Street Station on Friday 20th September 2019 and 2 other dates

Not only will The Murdér Express have you chowing down on some of the best plates in London (courtesy of a renowned chef), this dining experience is set in a whole other world as you watch live theatre (and trouble) unfold right in front of you; catch their latest show, Jewel of the Empire, now.

  The SoulTown Supper

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@ FEST Camden on Thursday 10th October 2019

Warm up a blistering winter with a trip to Camden, where Motown Supper is taking over for a series of Friday parties. Think live bands, soul music and all the Marvin Gaye you could imagine. There's even dinner, welcome drinks and VIP booths if you want to go all out.

@ Radisson Blu Grafton Hotel on Various dates from Friday 20th September 2019

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Valid on the following dates: 01/09/2019, 06/09/2019, 07/09/2019, 08/09/2019, 13/09/2019, 14/09/2019, 15/09/2019, 20/09/2019, 21/09/2019, 22/09/2019, 27/09/2019, 28/09/2019, 29/09/2019, 04/10/2019, 05/10/2019, 11/10/2019, 12/10/2019, 18/10/2019, 19/10/2019, 25/10/2019 and 26/10/2019.

The iconic TV show is brought to life as you munch at this quirky immersive supper club at London's Radisson Blu Grafton Hotel. Don't be a plonker and miss out on actors, legendary one-liners and a three-course meal.

Inamo Covent Garden

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Unlimited Asian tapas & sushi with free-flowing wine or beer £42 per person

Quirky dining spot Inamo isn't just about scrumptious sushi, it also has state of the art technology. From drawing graffiti on your table through to seeing what the kitchen's up to, the restaurant is adding fun and games to Asian dining.

  The Dumped Dumpling tour

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@ Pizza Express by Leicester Square Tube Station on Various dates from Sunday 22nd September 2019

Call yourself a true foodie? Then you need to experience the ultimate Chinatown adventure. Taking you on a tour of the best street food spots and impressive restaurants, you'll be treated to some of the best food in the West End, before tucking into cocktails at a secret bar.

  The Cheese Crawl

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@ Statue of Goddess Diana on Every Saturday

The ultimate cheesy experience in London, head out on this quirky tour of London that will be bringing the curds all afternoon. Ever wanted to see where the royals get their cheese? Or taste test the best toasty in town? Now's your chance.

From dining in a derelict pub to food in a launderette, RANDE Pop Ups are all about bringing you delicious Meixcan dishes in unique settings. Go underground for your food? Pick the right event and you may do just that.

Bita Fallah Events

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One of the best supper clubs in North London this season, Bita invites you to a gorgeous venue in Hornsey for the chance to sample some of her delicious Persian cooking. From a sour cherry mocktail to an almond chicken stew, it's a menu set to feed the soul.