Vegan Restaurants in London

It's easier, and more delicious than ever to be a vegan, but it's not always so easy to find a menu to suit you. From pubs hiding secret vegan options to dim sum restaurants that harbor a teaming selection of vegan dishes, we've decided to uncover the best restaurants in London that showcase a variety of vegan plates on their menus. Check out our recommendations for some of the best vegan friendly restaurants in London.

A favourite when it comes to reliable Vietnamese dishes, Pho is the perfect place for delicious dishes all day long. Alongside favourites like Gỏi, Cơm Tấm and, of course, Phở, you'll find a variety of tasty plant-based meals with a wide range of drinks to wash it all down.

Asian food is often fish and meat friendly, but there's a dim sum restaurant that may just surprise you. Head on down to Ping Pong as they boast one of the best vegan menus in London packed with spicy vegetable dumpings and mushroom buns, you only have to ask the waitress and you'll get it.


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Found in the heart of Hackney, Rehab isn't just home to a delicious selection of vegan dishes from smoothie bowls to Mexican plates, their food and drinks (also vegan) are geared to making your body feel all that bit better. 

The Three Compasses

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Vegan burgers in London are quite the hot topic, and there's one pub in the city serving up some of the best. Currently joined by GoneBurger, this kitchen residency is piling up some of the biggest meat-free bites, alongside a vegan night once a month. 

Zia Lucia

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We all know that cheese on a pizza can sometimes be considered pivotal to some, but that's completely different when you're vegan. So where to get some great vegan pizza in London? Join Zia Lucia as their vegan friendly options hail with all the flavour of Italy without the semblance of guilt.