The 15 Top Spots for Wagyu in London

Whether you're a steak connoisseur, or looking to dip your toe into the world of wagyu, London's restaurants are serving some of the world's finest marbled meat. Imported from Japan, Australia and the Highlands, the beef is graded using numbers and letters (with the highest numbers correlating to the best quality produce). From luxury tacos and sandos, to tender fillet steaks and beastly 1kg feasts - check out our guide to the top London restaurant's serving wagyu here.

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Vintry & Mercer is the luxury hotel located just a short stroll away from St Paul's Cathedral. Offering three different eateries, it's the sultry Japanese restaurant Vintry Izakaya that comes up trumps in the marbled meat department. Head here to feast on wagyu steak sandos topped with tonkatsu sauce and Asian slaw.

Hot Stone

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Offering a unique DIY experience, this hidden Islington gem specialises in all things wagyu. Doing away with the pomp and ceremony of some of West London's flashier spots, Hot Stone comes complete with a welcoming atmosphere, open kitchen and at-the-table cooking. The menu includes A5 Japanese wagyu (the best of the best), served with king prawn, truffle and caviar.

The Courtesan

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Situated a stone's throw away from Brixton station, The Courtesan is bringing a slice of Chinese opulence to the heart of South London. Boasting live music and performance on the weekend and a menu of Asian-inspired cocktails, the real star of the show here is the wagyu and ribeye bao - served in a fluffy bun with Japanese mayonnaise and crisp lettuce.


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Want to sample this rare meat without the hefty price tag? Head down to Soho spot ICHIBUNS for some seriously luxe burgers. Blending high-quality Angus beef with the wagyu variety - these babies are bursting with flavour and priced at only £13.50, they're a bargain too.

Sushi Samba

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Located 38 floors above the City, Sushi Samba is famed for its panoramic views and striking interiors. Serving up a Japanese-inspired menu of sashimi, seviche and tiradito, wagyu also features heavily across the menu. Whether you're in the mood for some luxe beef gyoza, or the 1kg Kobe beef ishiyaki (priced at a cool £1000), this place is pulling out all the stops.

A mainstay on W1's swanky restaurant scene, Sexy Fish is just about as bougie as they come. Whilst better-known for their uber-fresh sashimi and nigiri, they also happen to offer a selection of prime beef, imported from all over the world. Served as either sirloin or fillet steak, their wagyu is graded A5 and is perfectly paired with one of the many vintage reds sold by the glass.