Best Nikkei Restaurants In London

Fusion fare is as popular as ever in the capital, but one type of cuisine that's enjoying the Lima-light right now is Nikkei. The culinary mash-up of East Asian and Latin American flavours, techniques and concepts really is a harmonious pairing, resulting in a fabulous range of lip-smacking dishes. And if you're in the market for a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant in London, make sure to check out our recommendations below.

Last updated on 8th February 2023


Make your way over to Fitzrovia and discover Sican, which boasts quirky, purple-hued interiors and regular live entertainment. Pair that with the enticing Nikkei menu, featuring a droolworthy array of sushi alongside beef tataki tacos, lobster gyoza and killer cocktails, for one helluva meal out.

Lima London

Seeking out the best restaurants for Nikkei cuisine? Lima is the cool, contemporary hangout that's worth knowing. Head over to the Fitzrovia find and take advantage of the ceviche tacos, mushroom aji and slow-cooked rib of beef.