Bars in Mayfair

These liquid lairs in Mayfair are some of the most exclusive and impressive in the capital; frequented by celebrities, royalty and wealthy clientele and offering some of the best cocktails in London, often being regarded as some of the best in the world. Whether you are looking for the finest drinking den for an after work shindig or somewhere striking to take a date, our list of the recommended best bars in Mayfair will ensure you get to the right place.

For the hungry, check out some great restaurants in Mayfair

Last updated on 6th November 2019

Nestled in the heart of the West End, this swanky hangout is a top choice when it comes to live tunes and tasty dishes. With Jools Holland as the venue's patron, you can expect a roster featuring some of the UK's best artists alongside food pairings, boozy tastings and more.

The Palm Beach Lounge

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Two for One Cocktails

Nestled in the heart of the Mayfair Hotel in their old ballroom suite, The Palm Beach Hotel is a world-renowned gaming complex in London where you can experience the true luxury of casinos in London. Doused with style and sophistication, this place is all about the glamour with finely made cocktails at hand as you delve late into the night. 

Mews Cocktail Bar

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Cartizze bar has the swagger of a classic American saloon bar but with an all important contemporary uplift. Polished crystal ware, waistcoat clothed bartenders and bespoke design all characterise this illicit style drinking den in Mayfair. Their mixology philosophy is mean and world class making this place quite the perching ground for atmospheric supping. 

Trader Vic's

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Immerse yourself in the exotic atmosphere of Trader Vic's, where influences come from as far afield as the Med, Middle East and Asia. Get the ball rolling by sampling the original 1944 Mai Tai cocktail before heading to dinner, where plates like the Indonesian rack of lamb and BBQ spare ribs come via the Chinese wood-fired ovens.