Best Wine Bars In Covent Garden

Bored of beer? Can't be dealing with yet another sweeter-than-sweet happy hour cocktail? Sometimes, you just can't beat a glass of the good stuff. Fortunately for you, in a city brimming with drinking spots, there's plenty of places pouring out exquisite reds, whites and everything in-between. We're talking sophisticated candle-lit nooks, underground speakeasies and quirky dens galore. So, the next time you're looking for a glass of vino, check out our list of the best wine bars in Covent Garden.

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Cecilia's Wine House

Located on Drury Lane, Cecilia's Wine House has gained quite a reputation as a top-notch Covent Garden hotspot. Head inside, where you'll be met with gorgeous interiors, such as exposed brick walls and sultry lighting, alongside a menu, that flaunts first-class Bordeaux or Burgundies.