Best Pornstar Martinis In London

It's time to turn the tables on the Porn Star Martini naysayers. Long-held as the basic bitch's drink of choice, London bars have taken it upon themselves to give the classic cocktail a makeover that will attract even the most complex drinkers. From passion fruit punches and foam-topped sips to the places doing the traditional recipe with real aplomb, we've rounded up the best places in London to get a Porn Star Martini.

The thinking man's Porn Star Martini, the Passion Jack Martini at Shoreditch's Jailhouse Bar offers a stylish blend of whiskey, fresh passion fruit puree, lemon, mint and a slick passion fruit garnish for the full look.

Mr Fogg’s Tavern

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While it might not look much like your classic Porn Star Martini, this unique punch from Mr Fogg's Tavern brings together vodka, passion fruit juice, orgeat syrup and grapefruit bitters for a botanical twist on the classic recipe in the form of their Punch Drunk.


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The signature cocktail of Victoria's gorgeous Aster restaurant, The Aster Martini gives a high-end take on the iconic drink as vanilla vodka is mixed in with passion fruit puree, lingonberry jam and topped with a sparkling wine foam.