Birthday Party in Brighton

Congratulations, you're another year older! Your birthday beckons and, as a birthday present to you, we've found the birthday party locations for you to celebrate. From raucous nightclubs and cheap boozers to vintage cocktail dens, anybody and everybody can appreciate these Birthday orientated bars in Brighton. Check out our recommendations for the best birthday party bars in Brighton as you celebrate another 365 days of unadulterated fun. 

Shake up a storm this birthday with a fun-filled cocktail masterclass surrounded by topless waiters. Yep, you heard us right. Drinks Abode is a brilliant private hire bartending company, offering groups the chance to become martini maestros. Not only do they provide all the ingredients and equipment but they've also got a mobile bar.

A birthday party for you kids who like your parties a little off kilter, Proud Brighton is the seaside shore's top notch party destination. Famous for their cabaret bonanzas, sultry burlesque shoes and 1920 style shindigs, Proud Brighton is just the birthday destination for those who fancy something a little different in the city. To complete the experience, the venue also has private booths, champagne cocktails and a great dinner menu. 

The Tempest Inn

66 user reviews 4

Celebrate another year in style on Brighton's buzzing beach front in a venue with a difference. Nestle into a coastal cove in this cavernous interior and get raucous over a refreshing pint or a classy cocktail. And if its warm out, enjoy the scenery in the beer garden, tuck into a quaint picnic table and feel the fresh sea breeze in this glorious little retreat.

The Mesmerist

185 user reviews 4

If you're tired of dreary clubs and are looking for a cracking cocktail bar in Brighton with a unique spin on drinks in the city, we've got just the thing. Spend your birthday party in a bar like The Mesmerist and wow your friends with such a sweet spot in the city. From its friendly atmosphere and creative concoctions to a never ending selection of burlesque events and circus shows, The Mesmerist is a birthday spot ideal for those truly unforgettable celebrations.

Be At One Brighton

379 user reviews 4

It's your birthday, time for a cocktail (or four). With their Brooklyn style interiors, creative concoctions and a boisterous selection of bartenders ready to whip you up a tasty storm, Be At One is just the destination for a fun birthday party in Brighton. You'll be hooting and hollering on the dance floor, with a Mai Tai in one hand and a smile on your face in no time. 


8 user reviews 5

You don't want to dilly dally around with dining tables on your birthday this year. You want to dance, you want to party. As one of the best known clubs on the Brighton beachfront, Coalition are known for their premium DJs and raucous nights out in the city, ensuring that your birthday party in Brighton goes down a dancing storm. 


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Those of you looking for something a little different in Brighton for a birthday shindig, something a little more vintage and refined, should bear a cafe bar like Metrodeco in mind. From their vintage tea parties and cocktail sessions to a sumptuous selection of sandwiches and cakes, Metrodeco is the place to don your curlers and lash on your red lippy for a vintage themed birthday in the city.


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Regardless of what some might say, not everyone is loaded with dosh, even on their birthday. If you're looking for a birthday party destination in the city that won't break the bank, PRYZM is just your thing. Even boasting top notch liquid refreshments and VIP booths for you and your chums, PRYZM's reasonable prices means that you won't to take out a mortgage to enjoy a night here.