Secret Bars In Brighton

Bored of the same ol' drinking destinations? We know the feeling. Ditch your usual watering hole for something of the covert variety with our selection of off-the-radar joints. From classified speakeasies to illicit haunts and concealed cocktail dens, we have rounded up the best secret bars in Brighton. Hush hush.

Last edited by Scarlett Welch

Last updated on 1st February 2024

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Alcotraz Brighton: Cell Block One-Three

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Brighton on Various dates from Tuesday 23rd July 2024

After the best secret cocktail bars in Brighton? Then head below street level, where you'll find immersive experience Alcotraz: Cell Block One Three. Smuggle in spirits past a hawk-eyed warden and you'll be treated to an evening of delicious bootleg-style sips.