Secret Bars in Brighton

Bored of the same old bars? Ditch your usual watering hole for something of the covert variety with our smashing selection of elusive and off-the-radar boozers. From classified speakeasies to clandestine watering holes and concealed cocktail bars, here's our guide to the best secret bars in Brighton.

Last updated on 22nd October 2019

Head up to The Mesmerist's retro-themed cocktail bar for an evening of 70's-inspired partying. With orange-hued decor making up the surroundings, all you need to do is take a seat in one of the kitsch leather chairs and take their excellent drinks for a taste test, with everything from piña coladas with a twist, to Star Wars-inspired sips.

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Brighton on Various dates from Sunday 15th December 2019

Set in a top-secret basement location, head to Alcotraz Cell Block One Three and enjoy a night of boozing like no other. Smuggle your spirits past the hawk-eyed warden and into your cell (with the help of some crooked guards), and you'll be treated to an evening of delicious boot-leg-style cocktails.