Secret Bars in Brighton

Consider you're something of a cool cat in the know? We're about to question everything you know about Brighton nightlife with this oh-so-smashing selection of hidden endeavours. From speakeasy secrecy, galleon-inspired basement dens and treasure troves hidden behind a man in front of a desk, these bars in Brighton are off the radar, and all the more elusive. 

Last updated on 13th November 2018

BYOC Brighton

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There's a man behind a desk in a hallway surrounded by potted plants and an air of secrecy, but what is he doing? Manning the desk for BYOC of course, one of Brighton's most unusual cocktail endeavours hidden beneath The Lanes. Pass this chap and discover what waits below as this 'bring your own bottle of booze' cocktail bar is a wonder of vintage treasures, candlelit corners and mixology mastery.

The Black Dove

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So okay, The Black Dove isn't necessarily a big secret, because it's really rather cool, but not that many people know about the absolute charmer of a drinking den that they have hidden downstairs. Saunter on down to their downstairs where a private, galleon-inspired lounge room awaits. With barely enough room to swing a cat (don't do this), yet brimming with vintage treasures, comfy nooks and low lighting, the space at The Black Dove is a secret worth sharing.