Best Bars in Brighton

One of the most vibrant, cultural and hedonistic party places in the UK, you can down right bet that Brighton is brimming with tipple hot spots and charming bars. From 1920s speakeasys swaying with dulcet jazz tones and cracking cocktails to gorgeous pubs fronting the odd rooftop terrace, there are plenty of great places to discover in our smashing seaside town, check out our recommendations for the best bars in Brighton. 

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Brighton on Various dates from Wednesday 5th August 2020

Standing out from the crowd in Brighton's jam-packed nightlife scene, Alcotraz Cell Block One Three is an immersive cocktail experience like no other.  Dare to smuggle your spirits past the prison warden and you'll be rewarded with delicious cocktails handcrafted for you by some long-serving inmates - just make sure you don't get caught...


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One of the seafronts most hallowed party palaces, Patterns plays host to a non-stop roster of excellent live acts and some of the best DJs on the scene. Even during daylight hours you'll find a lively atmosphere, perfect for sinking some pints, or a few of their crafty cocktails.

No 32

23 user reviews 4

No 32 is a bit of an all-in-one venue, as far as the best bars in Brighton go, where you'll find a cocktail lounge, restaurants and a party palace come dark. Nestled in The Lanes, this beauty sees you through your week with tasty dinners and stylish interiors, before turning up the volume come Saturday with DJs and dancing. 

The Tempest Inn

29 user reviews 4

Settle into a coastal nook in this quirky cave and slurp your pints and tasty tipples in the coolest of surrounds. Surfing the waves on Brighton's beach front, this beer garden has one hell of a view too, so enjoy the sea breeze and the scenic visual treats as you get tipsy with your favourite people. With regular live music as well, this place pleases all the senses at once.

New Unity

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A quirky pub on London Road, New Unity is offering a twist on the traditional boozer. Fronting craft beers, cocktails, tasty food residencies and a mammoth selection of activities to get involved with, it's mixing casual vibes with non-stop entertainment, and plenty of live sports to boot.

Lucky Voice Brighton

370 user reviews 5

For the ultimate in feel good partying, take to Lucky Voice where a super stylish lair of karaoke booths, cocktail bar and leather sofas unfold for a night of singing extravagance with your mates. This chic little haunt is a hidden gem of delicious cocktails and raucous entertainment with the good, the bad and the ugly in singing voices belting out some classics. 


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Crafty cocktails at Bohemia? There's just so much to say. Boasting some of the most unique cocktail performances in Brighton, Bohemia know how to rustle up one heck of a cocktail spectacle. And what with their fancy flavours, a bistro style British restaurant and a rooftop terrace to boot, this taste laden wonderland is brimming with slick nooks, indulgent guests and creativity on tap.