Brighton pubs have an air of their own; literally, you wont find hop laden scents infused with a sea breeze anywhere else in the world, 'ah, the Brighton musk'. From floors laden in sawdust and premium patty pop-ups to a sweet little selection of beer gardens in Brighton, our fair seaside city is the cream of the crop when it comes to late night supping and vintage atmospheres. Check out our recommendations for some of the best pubs in Brighton and discover a thriving selection of hearty boozers.

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Brighton Pub Inspiration

  • Craft Beer In Brighton

    From local Sussex ales to micro-brews from around the globe, the Brighton craft beer scene is thriving.

  • Best Pubs In Brighton

    Looking for the best boozers? Check out our list for some of the best pubs in Brighton.

  • Cosy Pubs In Brighton

    Perfect for a quiet drinks, or a rainy-day session, these cosy pubs are a must-visit.

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