The stomach grumbles are no easy feat, hence why you should quash such woeful tummy rumbles with some of the best chow that Brighton has to boast. Whether you have a hankering for street food, get woozy over South American fare, behave all sorts of barmy on the hunt for a hamburger or want a mere fish and chips, Brighton boasts them all. Check out some of the best restaurants in Brighton and much your way through our delicious city. PS, the fish and chips? You guessed it, they're the best.

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Restaurants in Brighton

  • Restaurants in Brighton

    From seafood siren calls and meaty grazing to some of the best vegetarian bites in the UK, check out our favourite Brighton restaurants.

  • Best Restaurants For Lunch

    It's important to have three meals a day, and lunch is one of the best of them. Find the best restaurants for lunch here.

  • Best Burgers in Brighton

    Let's be honest, we'd all sacrifice a lot for the perfect burger, so why not get to know some of the best of them in Brighton?

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