Vintage Bars in Brighton

Vintage is no longer reserved to that hand me down radio that your nan re-wrapped for Crimbo, vintage is now a lifestyle, a design choice and a down right chipper way to decorate your bar. From petite bars doused in junkyard trinkets to pubs that are found in a building of vintage heritage, Brighton is leading the raring retro front. Check out our recommendation for the best vintage bar in Brighton; their decor might be dated, but they're leading the charge when it comes to cool bars in the city. 

Last edited by Kavita Singh

Proud Cabaret Brighton

Vintage need not be all about scruffy wares and junkyard collectibles, vintage can also represent the glitz and glamour of a particular era; with Proud Brighton being just that vintage ticket. From its seductive charm and 1930s glitz to its collection of burlesque shows, cabaret nights and fanciful vintage adornments, even the building that Proud Brighton resides in is a thing of historical charm. 


It may look like your bog standard boozer on the exterior, but nip on in to the Hobgoblin and your peepers will be treated to a fun-filled selection of vintage treasures. From retro game console tables and cracked ol' chesterfields to walls smothered in vintage gig posters; the Hobgoblin aren't going for any particular era, but they're bang on when it comes to a rustle down your local junkyard.

JW Lennon's

Vintage boozers used to boast sawdust on their floors, and guess what, this joint just so happens to have the same. From their dated furniture and walls smothered in historical regalia to bookcases brimming with vintage pages, JW Lennon's are keeping the boozers of old alive with their charm and dusty collectables.

The Black Dove

Other than the telephone and the bar staff, we doubt you'll find anything at The Black Dove that isn't from at least 50 or so years back. From its main first floor bar bustling with dark interiors, candelabras and deep emerald curtains to a galleon-inspired basement room, The Black Dove have mastered the art of junkyard rustling and retro thoroughfare.

The Bee's Mouth

Some would call it vintage, some would call it a mess, we'd call it a dream of a drinking den! From junkyard oddities and a spinning mannequin head to greet you on arrival to their ever-expanding collection of past-due wares, The Bee's Mouth is a style of vintage bar unto its own, from its quirky collectables through to its premium beer menu and cracking cocktails.