Cool and Quirky Events in Brighton

Bored of all things mundane and looking to inject some excitement into your next big night out? From burlesque bashes and meaty endeavours to freaky fandangoes under the stars, Brighton boasts so many cool and quirky events that we hardly know what to do with them all. Check out our recommendations for some of Brighton's cool and quirky events, discovering why they call our fair seaside city 'The Pearly Gates of Awesome' (okay, sorry, it's only us that call it that). 

Last updated on 15th May 2020

@ Alcotraz Penitentiary: Brighton on Various dates from Sunday 31st May 2020

Calling all criminal masterminds, Alcatraz Cell Block One Three is incarcerating new inmates for a thrilling night of debauchery and deceit. Don your boilersuit and find yourself locked behind bars with a team of crooked guards and seasoned criminals who also just happen to be expert mixologists - result.

Unleash your inner master mixologist at these cool and quirky cocktail workshops in Brighton. From gin-based refreshers, to booze-free mocktails and fruity punches, there are plenty of unique creations to learn and master the art of.

Always fancied yourself a bit of a Nigella Lawson or Gordon Ramsay? Why not put that to the test at one of Brighton Cookery School's many courses and classes. Perfect your culinary technique in an interactive lesson, before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labour with your new classmates.

@ The North Laine Pub and Brewery on Thursday 4th June and Thursday 2nd July 2020

One of the most weird and wonderful events in Brighton this season, this quirky escape room is bringing together immersive theatre and interactive problem-solving. Head over to the North Laine Brewhouse where you'll find a suitably wacky take on the Wonderland concept courtesy of the Buckbuck Games team.

@ Komedia on Thursday 2nd July 2020 and 3 other dates

Musical Bingo is back and it's putting on one hell of a party. Celebrating 10 years of bingo madness, the club night is coming to Komedia for more dancing on tables, huge fun and games and special prizes. Get your dancing shoes on 'cause this is going to be a big one kids.

@ Theatre Royal on Friday 5th June 2020 and 20 other Fridays

Take a break from the pin-the-penis-on-the-man hen party shenanigans for a fun-filled silent disco tour of Brighton. Taking you on a route of all the highlights from the seaside town, the fun-time pros will also be bringing you a brilliant playlist of disco pop and guilty pleasures.

The Secret Comedy Club

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Catch some of the UK's finest comedy talents at the Artista Cafe & Gallery as the Secret Comedy Club brings you hilarious stand ups and awesome sketch comedy from established acts and fresh faces alike.

Upside Down House

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This unconventional seaside attraction will have you dancing on the ceiling and reaching for the furniture in a wacky reversal of homelife norms. Meet your mates at the Upside Down House and get ready for some crazy photos.

They may be one of Brighton's most glitzy vintage retreats, but that doesn't mean that Proud Brighton team don't want to get a little freaky on a Friday night in the city. Showcasing some of the finest burlesque and cabaret dancers in town, you'll be able to dabble and dance in one of the rowdiest parties in the city. Even partake in Proud Brighton's very own 'Wheel of Fortune' if the night so takes you. 

@ Cassidy's Pharmacy (Speakeasy Liquor Store) on Wed, 15th Apr 2020 - Wed, 30th Dec 2020

Switch up your night in knockdown by taking part in this quirky immersive event inspired by the 1920's Prohibition era. Created by the minds behind Alcotraz, Cassidy's Pharmacy is the perfect guise do illicit cocktail sipping, with hand-crafted creations and a full-blown experience delivered to your door.