Beer Gardens in Brighton

We know what you're thinking; 'why on earth would we want a beer garden in Brighton when there's a perfectly pebble clad one called 'the seafront' just down the road?' Well, my Vitamin D loving chum, it gets mighty windy down there, and you'll want to retreat to somewhere a little more weatherproof. Pub yards give you the joy of the outside elements, but with much easier access to a cold, fresh pint, so we've rounded up some of the best beer gardens in Brighton just for you.

The Hare and Hounds

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There's a reason that The Hare and Hounds is one of London Road's most-loved pubs. Step outside into their beautiful beer garden, complete with plants, pagodas and plenty of spots to rest your weary pint. Perfect for summertime schmoozing and winter snuggling, it's easily one of the best beer gardens in town.

Grand Central

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Looking for a rooftop beer garden in Brighton? Well folks, the Grand Central is top of our list. The garden itself sits above the main bar and the hidden Nightingale Rooms, and offers the perfect spot to tuck into a summertime breakfast, or go late into the night with a few well-earned Friday pints.

Mash Tun

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One of the best summertime drinking spots in Brighton, The Mash Tun offers seats and pints aplenty. Settle down in their streetside beer garden for a session in the sunshine, or split a bottle or two with your mates on a balmier evening. 


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One of the top spots for summer drinking in Brighton, head to the Sidewinder garden for the ultimate alfresco chill out zone. Cool and cosy, it's a fab little suntrap in the warmer seasons, with a covered section for when the weather inevitably turns.


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Boasting Brighton's alternative clientele and a group of alternative murals to match, this beer garden in Brighton is a hearty party affair. From foodie summer pop-ups to heated brollies and benches the like, the Hobgoblin just so happens to be one of the city's best all rounders, be you in short sleeves with a cold pint or nestled in your finest winter 'garms. 

Hove Place

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One of Brighton's more subdued escapes, you won't be subject to the blaring of sound systems or late-night party revellers at this beauty of a sun trap. Found in nieghbouring Hove, this place is a charming little bohemian retreat, complete with white iron seating, plush palm trees and some top-notch pub fare.

White Rabbit

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Looking for a cosy little nook? Something of a secret sun-trap where you can dabble in a little summer supping? Then jump down the rabbit hole and soak up all the fun of The White Rabbit. Whether you've taken to the tables out front or the intimate little beer garden out back, it's a relaxing spot perfect for a few bevs.

The Lion and Lobster

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Brighton's best-kept secret when it comes to beer gardens? We reckon it could be this place. Not only do they boast HD TVs and many sun-kissed seating areas, but there's also a rooftop garden to be found in this maze of a pub. Through winding stairs and passageways, you'll be happy that you took the time to uncover these two unique drinking spaces in the city. 

The Connaught

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With its south-facing beer garden and chilled Hove vibes, The Connaught is a great place to soak up the sun. The traditional pub has a lovely pub garden, excellent real ales and a welcoming atmosphere - what more could you need come summer?