Beer Gardens in Brighton

We know what you're thinking; 'why on earth would we want a beer garden in Brighton when there's a perfectly pebble clad one called 'the seafront' just down the road? Well my Vitamin D loving chum, it gets mighty windy down there, and you'll want to retreat to somewhere a little more weatherproof. Pub yards give you the joy of the outside elements, but with much easier access to a cold, fresh pint, so we've rounded up some of the best beer gardens in Brighton for you.

Last updated on 8th November 2019

The Lion and Lobster

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£20 Set menu 2 courses: and 2 other offers

Brighton's best-kept secret when it comes to beer gardens? We think so pal, we truly think so. Not only do they boast a TV and many sun-kissed seating areas, there's also a rooftop garden to be found in this maze of a pub. Through winding stairs and passageways, you'll be happy that you took the time to uncover these two unique drinking spaces in the city. 


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Boasting Brighton's alternative clientele and a group of alternative murals to match, this beer garden in Brighton is a hearty party affair. From foodie summer pop-ups to heated brollies and benches the like, the Hobgoblin just so happens to be one of the city's best all rounders, be you in short sleeves with a cold pint or nestled in your finest winter 'garms.