Best Vegan Restaurants in Brighton

Vegan and proud? Part of the meat-free movement? Your reward is some of the finest restaurants in town. From Indian eateries with vegan-only options to Asian restaurants with vegan sushi, it's nothing new to find that Brighton just so happens to be one of the best places to be vegan in the UK. Check out our recommendations for the best places to enjoy vegan food in Brighton. 

Pho Brighton

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25% of the menu at Pho is vegan-friendly, so you'll have heaps of options if you choose to pay a visit to this Vietnamese eatery. Explore their rang of dishes from classic pho noodle soup to healthy salads and sharing platters. 

Dead Wax Social

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When it comes to vegan pizza in Brighton, Dead Wax Social have your back. Not only one of the coolest places to grab a slice or three in town, their vegan pizzas go the extra mile, hosting a myriad of toppings alongside beloved vegan cheese. 

Earth & Stars

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Earth and Stars are notorious in Brighton for their roast dinners, but it's great to see that their vegan and vegetarian friends don't go unnoticed. Join this beloved pub in town for a menu geared to vegans and vegans only. You lucky things. 

You might think it hard to find vegan sushi in Brighton, but trust us when we say it's not. Heralded for their spot in the heart of town, join Moshimo for a meat-free menu that clearly marks a selection of vegan, Asian dishes that will tease and tantalise. 

Looking for a vegan restaurant in Hove? Then it looks like you may have come to the right place. Boasting some of the prettiest plates in town. not only is Six the perfect place to dine on a special occasion, their vegan dishes are organic and as interesting as they can come. 

Despite being Brighton's king of fried chicken, Bok Shop are dedicated veggie and vegan includers. Alongside delicious marinated cauliflower pieces, they offer vegetarian and vegan versions of all their burgers, and to top it all off, the majority of its sides are totally 100% vegan. 

The Prince George

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The Prince George is notoriously one of the best vegetarian pubs in Brighton, but that doesn't mean that vegans get left at the door. Head on in for not only one of the finest pet friendly pubs in town, their selection of Americana inspired bites and pub grub boasts a vegan friendly selection.