Best Bars In Hove

Hove has managed to retain its independent flair, southern charm and cracking selection of boozy hideaways. From independent pubs stocking vintage wares and local craft beers, to European retreats of French fancies and luscious gastro venues, Hove has no shortage of great bars and pubs. Check out our recommendations for the best bars in Hove and discover Brighton's booming little sister. 

Last edited by Kiera Chapman

Last updated on 3rd June 2024

Cafe Chilli

Based on Church Road, Cafe Chilli is an authentic Thai restaurant and bar that serves fiery dishes and ice-cold cocktails to Hove's local residents. Though the venue primarily focusses on recreating authentic Thai dishes, the bar staff serve up a variety of fruit, spice and liqueur infused drinks for Brighton's revellers to enjoy.

Hove Place

If you don't want to be battered by twentieth century quirks and would rather retreat to a wholly British restaurant bar of bistro fare and classic tipples, then you've come to the right place. From its regionally reminiscent main restaurant to its bohemian beer garden, Hove Place is another bar in Hove that prove that oddities and off-kilter antics aren't the only things pulling in the punters these days.

Speakeasy at The Wick

Housed above a traditional pub in the heart of Hove, The Speakeasy is a bootleggers retreat of awesome vintage proportions. Themed upon the prohibitions bars of the 1920s, The Speakeasy at The Wick is brimming with retro wares, rich mahogany colours and candlelit tables, all surrounded by prohibition paraphernalia; just the spot to grab a 1920s-inspired cocktail and whisk the night away. 

The Wick Inn

As if harbouring a secret speakeasy bar upstairs wasn't enough to entice you to this charming Hove boozer, The Wick Inn is boasting a wholly unique menu, it's boasting Thai grub. Whilst its interiors boast of traditionalism with a few added quirks and vintage hues thrown in for good measure, The Wick Inn is serving up a Thai selection of dishes that will see your British pub experience truly changed for the better. 

The Bee's Mouth

Whilst Hove may seem the place to uncover homemade wares and bohemian eateries, it's also the place to discover this completely off-kilter, jumped right outta the wagon bar. Known for their collection of junkyard oddities, basement schmoozing and quirky collection of cocktails, The Bee's Mouth is a cavern of cool waiting to be discovered.