Bars in Kemptown

Home to both one of Brighton's most bustling gay district and some of the best bohemian retreats in the city, Kemptown has individual panache and an eclectic selection of bold boozers. From artistic wares and indie escapes to some of the best cabaret shows in the city, Kemptown's nightlife has got a lot going for it, and we're here to show you exactly what that is. Check out our recommendations for the best bars in Kemptown and discover all its wonders.

The Actors

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Having been a cornerstone of its community since 1974, The Actors is an LGBTQ+ pub in Kemptown that is all about being inclusive. Head here for cosy fireplaces, DJ or quiz nights, food from Decked Out Pizza Co and theatre.


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Sometimes, all you want from a drink in Brighton is a laid back pub where you can unwind. Well lookie here, we've just the ticket. Sidewinder is the traditional Brighton boozer boasting fun knick knacks, a retro-inspired games corner and not one, but two, beer gardens.

The Thomas Kemp

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Looking for the best pubs in Brighton? Kemptown boasts a fair few, one of which is cosy spot The Thomas Kemp. Sink down into their Chesterfield sofas to nurse a cold pint while admiring the quirky interiors. Topping it off are art sales and classic pub grub.

If you're searching for the best bars in Kemptown Brighton, check out Brighton Bier as they bring their stunning craft beer to the seafront town. As well as offering delicious sips and tasty street food, this place also gives you an insider-look into brewing with unmissable tours.

St George's Inn

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Searching for a top-notch bar in Kemptown? Then look no further than St George's Inn. Dine inside and enjoy the low-key vibes with soft red lighting, dimmed chandeliers, or head out to their south-facing beer garden in the warmer months for some pints in the sunshine.

Hearing all about vintage-brimming boozer JW Lennon's is bound to narrow down your list of pubs in Brighton for your next night out. There's a historical intimacy to this place that's hard to catch anywhere else: from rammed bookshelves to walls covered in raggedy historical regalia.

One of the best Brighton bars on the beach front, Drakes is perfect for those happy to pay premium prices for fancy drinks. Boasting contemporary interiors and sumptuous hues, this swish spot is a great pre-party destination for those of you looking to divulge in a little mixology fare; be that Champagne-based concoctions, pomegranate cosmos or a chocolate liqueur and peach puree mix.

The Black Dove

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Vintage and proud, the Black Dove is boasting just the quirky dated vibes you've been looking for. If you're not taking in the delights of their galleon-inspired basement snug - complete with pirate-themed wares - you're sure to be savouring some of the best cocktails in Kemptown thanks to their expert mixologists.


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Doing pin curlers and cafes proud is this vintage little nook. Whilst not the rowdiest of late night ventures, Metrodeco is just the place for traditional schmoozing and hearty teacup cocktails. Famous for their tea parties, this is just the destination for hen party groups who like their lipsticks a seductive rouge and their hair done-up to the nines.