Best Seafood Restaurants in Brighton

Being right beside the sea, it makes sense that Brighton has some seriously good spots for seafood, and what a selection they are. From freshly rolled sushi through to fish caught right on our doorstep, Brighton's seafood restaurants are a rich and an eclectic mix with enough options to satisfy any sea-salt craving.

Last updated on 1st October 2021

The Lion and Lobster

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It's been a hidey hole for Brighton's fishermen for more than 500 years and The Lion and Lobster is still an excellent seafood pub. With pictures, portraits and fairy lights decorating the walls, the pub has an intimate atmosphere - all the better to enjoy a pint of their excellent craft ale and munch your way through a fish dish.

Taking over The Bell Pub on Belfast Street will be The Urchin - a punter playground of craft beers and shellfish foods. From the owners of Small Batch Coffee, The Urchin is bringing speciality beers and…

Head to Preston Road if you're after an Asian twist on your seafood. Starting life as a pop-up, this northern spot specialises in sharing tapas; stand out dishes include octopus tentacle cooked in red wine and tuna tartare.

It wouldn't be possible to list Brighton's best seafood restaurants without including Riddle and Finns, the oyster and Champagne specialists. The restaurant only has space for 40 but this makes it all the more special; perch by a marble table topped with candelabras and prepare to have all your seafood dreams come true.