Bars With a View in Brighton

Brighton has never been shy of dazzling views. And whilst our sandy shores are a sight to be desired, there's plenty of great bars and clubs to gaze awe at our stunning Southcoast city; be them cocktail retreats or New York style delis with hearty American grub. Check out our recommendations for some of the best bars with a view in Brighton and soak up all of the most beautiful sights our city has to offer. 

Last updated on 1st September 2021


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2 for 1 on all pizzas

Whilst rumours of Patterns ring true with the sound late night clubbing antics and some of the biggest underground DJ's in the business, Patterns harbours a sea facing patio that is just the thing for those of you with a hankering for sea views and cracking club hits the like. Party hearty and with a view of the ocean, Patterns boasts both the views and the sweet club beats. 

The Tempest Inn

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Grab a spot at a picnic table in this spacious beer garden and soak up those scenic sea views in the fresh sea breeze. Your very only holiday retreat, this is the perfect venue for lazy summer days in the sun. And don't fret if the weather turns, the views inside are pretty breath-taking too, with coastal coves set into the walls in a cool cavern interior.


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Shimmy your way up a set of stairs at Bohemia and you're set to be greeted by one of the only rooftop bars in Brighton. Boasting a chipper rooftop view of the city and a sweet spot for a little Vitamin D, Bohemia is one of the highest places you're going to get for a tipple in the city. And even if you're not sunning yourself up top, their patio tables make for a pretty charming view of the infamous Lanes. 

The New Club

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It may be inspired by New York eateries, but it doesn't boast the same view; it boasts an even better one. One of Brighton's infamous beachfront restaurant bars, The New Club boasts a sweet spot overlooking one of the city's most favoured sights, the old pier. Nab yourself a cocktail and a hot to trot beef patty and take in the sea view that The New Club has on offer. 

Lucky Beach

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It's all in a name folks. Whilst relatively tucked away in the beachfront arches, Lucky Beach does in fact boast a sweet view of the sea for you lucky, New York style eaterie loving kin. Nab either a table outside or on their second floor, and if you're not too busy nestling your chops into one of their premium patties, you'll be happily swooning over the sea that we in Brighton like to call our own.