Top Pubs Showing The World Cup In London

It's nearly time for the talking to stop and the action to get underway. The World Cup is one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting events of recent years, but have you thought about where you're going to watch the heralded games yet? Here's our selection of the best pubs showing the World Cup 2022 in London for you to peruse; so pick out your favourite, head on over and get behind the boys, any of the boys - if you shout loud enough they might even hear you. Maybe.

Last updated on 16th July 2018

If you like the idea of a pop-up pub in a club, then head to Inferno's for Zlatan's World Cup, in honour of the infamous Swedish striker. Prepare yourself for a stadium-like atmosphere, good old-fashioned football chants and a massive HD screen with cinematic sound.