Murder Mystery Events in London

The whodunnit night is alive and well in London, giving the city's curious folk a night of terror and tricky clues that they'll never forget, so where do you get to enjoy the best? From immersive experiences to luxury theatre, check out our recommendations for the best murder mystery events in London. Just remember... it's not who you think it is.

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Last updated on 5th January 2024

Jury Games

Looking for an immersive experience in London? Jury Games is hosting a bunch of unique events where you'll interact with live actors, working together to evaluate physical evidence and unpick a labyrinth of clues, working as a team to come to a verdict.

The Murdér Express

@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Saturday 2nd March 2024

Save £0.00 on ticket Peak Week Evening 8.30pm with discount code THURSDAY10
Valid on the following dates: 15/02/2024, 22/02/2024, 29/02/2024 and 07/03/2024.

Sometimes a good ol' murder mystery is a fabulous way to make our brain tick. So why not check out The Murdér Express at Pedley Street Station, an immersive experience involving a case to solve along with a tasty four-course dinner.