Life Drawing Classes in London

Whether you're the one baring all, or you're the one behind a stack of charcoal and HB, there's no shortage of creative life drawing classes in London for those that want to put a little pencil to paper. From life drawing brunches and traditional art events, to quirky nights that promise unique poses and themes, we've put together some of the very best in the city.

Last updated on 29th November 2019

@ Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club on Various dates from Monday 13th January 2020

Notorious for some of the most unique life drawing events in London, Dr Sketchy aren't shy of trying something different. From themed nights and characters to unique scenes, those wanting to put pen to paper can do it in a unique way here.

The Exhibit

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From life drawing to naked brunch, The Exhibit is the ideal place to put your drawing skills to the test. Pair with a mouthwatering brunch or go for the classic session, where you'll find a relaxed approach to creativity.

Themed around sexual desire, dominance and BDSM this adult-only life drawing class will allow you to explore the relationship between creative expression and sexuality. Taking place in the stunning surroundings of the Wildcats room at The King's Head Members Club, this evening is perfect for those wishing to elevate their art to the next level.

@ Mindspace on Thursday 30th January 2020 and 2 other Thursdays

Head over to Whitechapel where this unique life drawing class is opening itself up to artists of all levels for a fun and relaxed session. Get yourself a drink and sink into the swing of the occasion, that is designed to put focus on experimentation and freedom over form.