Try Out The Best Yoga Classes in London

From toning and building strength, to improvements in heart and mental health, there's no denying to the benefits to be gained from taking up an exercise like yoga. This is why the capital is awash with opportunities for you to get involved with this fun and fulfilling activity. From disco editions and quirky yoga experiences to brunch events, and calming, candlelit variations, we've rounded up our top picks for the best yoga classes in London. So breathe in, breathe out and read on...

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Last updated on 23rd March 2023

Disco Yoga

So, you've heard of yoga, but what about Disco Yoga? Bringing a quirky, uplifting spin on your usual fitness class, this event in Tooting and Oxford Circus will have you de-stressed and refreshed. Expect brilliant disco tunes, lots of glitter and plenty of boogieing.

House Of Voga

Sick of the same old poses? This high-energy class is promising to shake up your usual workout routine, combining the worlds of voguing and yoga for one feel-good session. Stretch it out and shake it off at London's finest rooftops and quirky settings