Best Dance Classes in London

Whether it's for fitness or lookin' fly, there's a hearty handful of dance classes in London that are sure to keep you on your toes. From swinging shindigs to cracking out one almighty Queen Bey, these dance classes aren't bringing sexy back, they're inviting you, and you already had it. Yes you did (and even if you didn't, that's what these are for). Check out our recommendations for some of the best dance classes in London and enjoy an evening of limb swinging in the city. 

Last updated on 20th August 2019

@ The Arcola Theatre on Every Friday

Looking to learn a little something new in London? Ready to hot foot it down to one of the best dance events in the city? If that sounds like you, head on down to Tiger Rag Fridays where not only will you enjoy the best in jazz and swing dancing, you can learn moves such as lindy hop to boot. 

Drink Shop Do

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From Single Ladies to All That Jazz, Drink Shop Do plays host to a stunning range of dance classes that will teach you to shake, spin it, move it and bop it to some of your favourite songs in just an hour.