Best Dance Classes in London

Tap? Modern? Swing? Salsa? There's no chance you'll ever count London's dance class options on one hand, but this list will help you work through some of the city's best. Whether you're hoping to get the hens nailing Beyonce's must-know routines, hoping to keep fit, or just want to up your skills in all things footloose, check out our recommendations for London's best dance classes here.

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Last updated on 21st May 2024

Soul Print - Dance With Paint

@ The Tabernacle on Sun, 14th Jul 2024 @ 14:20 - 16:20

Unleash your inner Picasso and dance your way to a masterpiece at The Tabernacle's Soul Print - Dance With Paint. Here, you'll get to use your body as a brush on massive 11 by 3-metre canvases that the movement of your body will transform as you dance to some energetic tribal electronic beats. Warning: be prepared to get messy.

Funky Moves

With dance packages tailored to each and every need, this is the ultimate activity if you like to shake a leg. Pick your place and shake of your inhibitions as you learn a fun routine to your favourite music. Grab your mates and get going.


If you want to improve your confidence and feel fierce, then Fuller's Heels ConfiDance Class is for you. Make your way to The Distillers on Fulham Palace Road, where you'll learn how to boogie like a pro in stilettos. To top it off? There are also nibbles and prosecco on arrival.