Scandinavian Bars in London

While the Vikings may not have been the most civilised people to cross these shores, Scandinavians have brought us a number of great things since from IKEA, Swedish meatballs, ABBA, wife carrying championships and eh, death metal... However, there's also a great selection of Scandinavian bars and restaurants all throughout the capital so check out our recommended list of Scandinavian bars in London and try them out for yourself.


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Serving carefully crafted cocktails alongside its fine dining, Aquavit's drinks menu boasts concoctions such as the attikslag martini with Don Julio blanco, cucumber, vinegar and pickles, the lacko slots with corriander and cucumber and the OP Anderson klar with dill and lemon, all of which add an extra authentic edge to the Nordic dining experience. 

The Kenton

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Blending the setting of a traditional English pub with Norwegian atmosphere, The Kenton have created a winning combination. A quirky place that is home to a mixed crowd of punters, it also offers a number of events from foreign film nights, DJ sets and quiz nights, and has truly created the best of both worlds. 


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Paying respect to the owners Norwegian roots, Oslo in the heart of Hackney is an authentic Scandinavian experience not to be missed. With regular live music, traditional drinks and a 'dark Nordic' vibe with its eerie wooding and ominous folk characters, it definitely feels as though you've stumbled into Valhalla. 


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Lisa's on Portobello Road brings a taste of Sweden to the already diverse streets of Notting Hill. Bursting with Swedish delights; they offer a wide selection of cocktails and play host to a number of seasonal events including a Summer Crayfish Party as well as live music every Friday.

Garlic and Shots

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Garlic and Shots really does what it says on the tin. Boasting over 101 different flavoured vodka shots, you're really spoilt for choice. And the garlic? Every meal you order comes with garlic, you're can't order without garlic but are free to have extra. A really unique venue in London that stays true to its roots, this is also evident in their taste of music as they've got quite the penchant for death metal. 

This stylish Scandinavian bar and restaurant specialises in brewing their own alcohol, such as their delicious dry cider, and have even created their own sparkling wine. They have also learned how to culture their own pro-biotic drinks for those wanting to sample something a little more offbeat. 

The Harcourt Arms

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Located in the heart of Marylebone, The Harcourt Arms is a popular haunt amongst locals and Swedish expats alike. This is mainly due to its love for sport, regularly broadcasting all the major (Swedish) sporting events throughout the year. This gives it a great allure and a better insight into Sweden's sporting world, whilst enjoying a selection of native drinks and cuisine.