24 Hour Bars and Clubs in London

Not in the mood to end the party? Night shift just finished? If you're looking to be up until the crack of dawn, and then some, you might struggle in London, with few clubs and bars being granted 24-hour licences. Don't head to bed just yet... from casino bars through to all hours bars, there's still a bit of fun to be had yet; check out our recommendations for the best 24-hour bars and clubs in the city.

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Empire Casino

Empire Casino in the centre of Leicester Square is proper fun when Soho clubs have closed and you still feel like being on the go. The venue has two great bars, the more vibrant Shadow Bar and the Parisian boudoir offering of The Icon Bar and Terrace. Open 24 hours seven days a week, perfect for some 6am black jack and sipping on tasty cocktails. 

VQ - Various Sites

Open from dawn until dusk until dawn, this unique restaurant brand is here for your every need. From post-theatre chow downs to early morning munchies, head to one of VQ's great venues to get your fill of fine food and a lovely atmosphere.

Balans Soho Society

The OG when it comes to staying up late and being a little bit naughty, Balans Soho Society has expanded past its original Soho spot to venues across the city. Head in during the evening for dinner, before tucking into breakfast come the wee hours.

Bar Italia

Bar Italia is everyone's saviour after a night mixing it up in Soho. The legendary bar and restaurant is may shut for two hours a day (5-7am) but for the remaining 22 hours will churn out some of the best coffee in central London. Plus keep an eye out, there's been a few famous faces through these doors.