Best American Breakfasts in London

Whether it's waffles slavered in maple syrup or pancakes stacked high with strawberries and chocolate dripping from them, there's a time and a place for the best American breakfasts in London - and it's every day. But in the capital of the UK, it's probably hard to get a decent one, right? WRONG. Take a look at our recommended list of places to get an American breakfast in London and fill those bellies right up. 

The super-cool New York City-inspired Dirty Bones is normally one of the best places to get American food in London, but come by for brunch and you can get some start-of-the-day treats too. Pick from your choice of chicken and waffles, grilled fish tacos or the crumpets topped with short rib, avocado or salmon for a bit of a British twist.

Sitting right next to Canary Wharf station, Smollenskys is one of the best places to eat American pancakes in London for a couple of reasons. Firstly, their alfresco dining terrace looks over Reuters Plaza, which means you get a great view while you eat. Secondly, these guys know their modern American food, so expect stacks of pancakes that go above and beyond the usual stodgy fodder.

If you ask anyone where to eat an American breakfast in London, there's one place that'll pop into everybody's head: The Breakfast Club. The retro-style diner has everything from Elvis waffles to pancakes to an All-American breakfast, so if you want the full North American experience, pop in here. And if you stay a bit later, their secret bar Dr Kluger's Olde Town Tavern opens up for some seriously cool drinking.