5 Unique Ways to Brunch in Brighton

'Brunch' is not a word that teeters happy with many. Often hipster-fied and towing the line with phrases such as 'hangry', people question its place; but let's be honest, ya being silly. Acting as a midday saviour to all hangovers, and giving us a reasonable excuse to drink from 11 in the morning, brunch is champion, so where to find some of the best, and most unique in Brighton?  With spring all sprung like, it'd be rude of us not to......

The Kitsch Way

Bottomless Brunch at The Breakfast Club

While a British staple, (that don't worry, we can't let go of either) no longer is there need to command your breakfast in a greasy spoon. Brimming with kitsch trinkets and gaudy furniture, not only do they have the word breakfast in their name as a tell tale tasty sign, The Breakfast Club promise brunch plates the likes of their Veggie Breakfast Burrito or avocado and poached egg with fresh chillies and pumpkin seeds (£7.50) in a truly unique Brighton setting. 

breakfast club brunch brighton

Let the colourful notes and the egg-y tropes wile away that hangover, pronto. 

Bottomless, And In A Cave

Brunch at The Tempest Inn

Hark back to days of chest beating and scoffing in a cave, courtesy of one of the most unique venues in Brighton. Not only boasting a unique destination brimming with rock-clad nooks and unusual spaces, those that want to get a little boozy with brunch can enjoy their Bottomless Brunch for a mere £15 a piece. Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's? Aplenty. 

tempest brunch brighton

Let's be honest, no-one has had brunch in a cave since the stone ages. They most likely didn't have brunch, either.

Do It By The Sea

Brunch at The New Club

It's pretty hard to wrangle a spot by the sea, but The New Club pitted other restaurants to the post, snagging a location that looks prime upon the old pier. Not only can you snag a seat outside when the sun hits, you can gorge on breakfast plates the likes of smashed avocado on sourdough, and cinnamon buttermilk pancakes (£7). Look, I've been here on a hangover, I can vouch. 

new club brighton breakfast

Whack on your sunnies and wile away the hours with a plate by the sea.

Enjoy It, Guilt and Waste Free

Breakfast and Brunch at SILO

We're a damn wasteful society, and that more than slightly sucks. But what if you could dose on a breakfast in Brighton that doesn't consider waste just a 'side step' in a good meal, and tries to curb it instead? Introducing Silo, who aim to 'reuse, reduce, share and repeat'. Holler. Try the sourdough with Silo beans and a slow cooked egg for just £6. 

silo brunch brighton

Thoughtful, and delicious alike, Silo have stepped up Brighton's brunch game.

Do It All Fancy Like

Brunch at GB1 Restaurant

While I normally look like raggedy Anne had a fight with a grub bucket come the morning, some of you probably don't; so why not try one of the plushest breakfasts in Brighton courtesy of The Grand. Housed in this hearty hotel, head to GB1 for a charming restaurant churning out breakfast nosh the likes of their smoked haddock with a poached egg, or eggs florentine. Side it all with champers. 

gb1 brunch brighton

Dine in style, even if it is a mere 11 o'clock in the morning.