Unusual Things To Do in London

Yearning for a change from the boozy birthdays, wild warehouse parties and rooftop romps? As much as going out and drinking ourselves silly can be a lot of fun, we sometimes see super hungover Mondays lurking round the corner and we think about all the other, less-destructive things we could have done instead. Thankfully, London's has the answer, offering infinite activities for you to try. Have a gander at our recommendations for the most unusual events in London.

Last updated on 24th December 2021

Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch

3945 user reviews 4

Remember when birthday parties took place in ball pits with ample amounts of Panda Pops to sustain you? While we can't bring back the bubble gum drinks, we can promise some of that unfiltered joy with Ballie Ballerson, the unique ball pit bar in Shoreditch.

The Big Bakes

1289 user reviews 5

Like to think yourself a bit of a whizz in the kitchen? The Big London Bake is putting that claim to the test with their immersive cooking experience taking place in London. You've got 90 minutes on the clock, all the ingredients and equipment - it's all on you...

@ 56 Leadenhall Street on Various dates from Friday 28th January 2022

A must-do for any adrenaline junkie, this War of Worlds immersive experience will see you transported back in time and dropped into a Martian invasion. With live actors, VR tech and incredible scenery, the event will see you ducking, weaving and crawling your way to safety, before jetting off to Mars.

Brushstrokes and Nudes

6 user reviews 5

Brushstrokes And Nudes is shaking up the stereotypical life drawing class with the addition of BYOB, sexy nude models and experienced artists on hand for guidance. Better right? If that wasn't enough, the buff muses will also move around and interact with you throughout the session, giving you more chances to gawp away.

Hip Hop Brunch LDN

675 user reviews 4

With an impressive food menu, ranging from lemon and chilli chicken wings to delicious aged steak burgers, Hip Hop Brunch hope to add a Southern feel to your Saturday afternoons. Alongside the delectable 3 course meal, you'll have the chance to spit some lyrics and impersonate your favourite rappers during Hip Hop Karaoke. How better to spend a Saturday afternoon than by butchering a rendition of 'Juicy'.

Sounds Familiar Music Quiz

297 user reviews 5

Last time we checked, it's pretty unusual to find yourself standing on the tables, arms around a complete stranger, screaming out the words to Livin' On A Prayer at the end of a quiz night. This is the norm at Sounds Familiar. A raucous disco in the form of a pub quiz, these guys part with the boring trivia and instead focus on sweet music.

Hobgoblin Music

1 user review 5

It's time to get creative over at Hobgoblin Music in Fitzrovia, where they're hosting a whole bunch of fabulous experiences. From guitar lessons led by a specialist staff member through to an introduction to weird and wonky instruments, there's something for everyone.

Looking for something a little different to do in London? Gather your bubble for an afternoon of clue decoding and riddle breaking at this Game of Stones. You'll be tasked with racing against time to find various locations around Kingston and Richmond in a bid to win a prize.

If you're going to talk about Flight Club, do it really loudly, all the time to everyone you meet because it's great and we're spreading the world across the city. Unfortunately sans Brad (we know), this place is all about social gaming like never before. 

  Paranormal Activity Tour

2 user reviews 3

@ Infront of Newspaper Stand Outside Farringdon Station on Friday 28th January 2022 and 21 other Fridays

Ever thought you'd seen a ghost before? Well, now's your opportunity for real as you embark on London's premier ghost tour. Join them as they use Ouija boards, K2 Meters and Dowsing Rods to try and find ghosts, poltergeists and strange encounters in some of the most haunted places in the capital.

Not just any old ice rink, Queens Skate Dine Bowl is your go-to for icy adventure in the capital. Alongside skating, the venue puts on festive films, ice-karting and one-off pop-ups throughout the year. Still not convinced? They've got burger pros MeatLiquor in the kitchen, cooking some of the finest monkey fingers in the city.