London's Most Beautiful (And Bizarre) Toilets

The powder room, the privy, the lavatories, the loos; whether you refer to ‘em as bogs or bathrooms, it’s safe to say that the capital's best joints have spent a penny (and probably a few pounds) to jazz theirs up. No longer the place you talk about in hushed tones, these are now the ultimate Insta-backdrop, perfect for touching up the lippy before snapping a selfie. From a jungle-themed oasis to walls adorned with iconic celebrity mugshots and even a hall of mirrors, check out our guide to the most beautiful toilets in London.



Counting Posh Spice as a fan no less, the loos at Annabel’s have been snapped by a variety of A-listers over the years. After undergoing a complete transformation, the room’s current incarnation is a jungle-inspired oasis designed by Martin Brudnizki. Kitted out with pink onyx basins, bespoke Murano mirrors and more glittering tiles than you could shake a stick at, it’s not hard to see why the bathroom has such an exclusive list of attendees. 

Annabel's London Beautiful Loos | DesignMyNight

Fun fact? The bathrooms at Annabel's are the only place where photography is allowed.

Aqua Shard

Fancy taking a tinkle while admiring views from the 31st floor? Swish, contemporary British restaurant Aqua Shard is the venue for you. After enjoying a few pours from the bar, be sure to discover the bathroom. Although not for those who suffer from vertigo, the urinals here boast some pretty mega views over London’s iconic skyline, just maybe wait ‘til you’re all zipped up before attempting to take a snap. 

Aqua Shard London's Beautiful Toilets | DesignMyNight

The views from these luxury toilets in London are wee-lly good.


Sitting pretty in Canary Wharf and whipping up mouthwatering seven-course menus, Bōkan offers foodies showstopping views. How high you say? Spread between the 37th and 39th floors of the Novotel Hotel, this is definitely a hub for those height-seekers. After enjoying a few signature cocktails from the bar, step inside the gorgeous loos for stunning scenes. Think floor-to-ceiling windows and sultry lighting.

Bokan Canary Wharf Beautiful Loos | DesignMyNight

This is one of the best hotel toilets in London for a reason.

The Mandrake

The Mandrake has gained quite a reputation as one of the most Instagrammable London bars with beautiful bathrooms. These toilets are decked out with gorgeous minimalist designs, including deep, modern sink basins, moody lighting and splashes of gold features. If you're a tad peckish, venture to YOPO - a crackin' Latin American restaurant.

The Mandrake Beautiful London Bathrooms | DesignMyNight

No, you can't just hang out in these toilets. 


For those after the best toilets in London, Jacuzzi is a real winner. Unlike any other loo, this Kensington hotspot has an epic party theme that's bound to have everyone feeling pretty groovy. Think glitzy disco balls, mirrors galore and a crackin' staircase leading straight to the lavatories. And if that doesn't whet your whistle, its sister site Ave Mario has a neon selfie bathroom.

Jacuzzi Beautiful Bathroom In London | DesignMyNight

This beautiful restaurant toilet in London will be the ideal addition to your feed.

The Art Deco One - The Ned

Stepping inside The Ned's glam basement bathroom feels a little bit like heading back in time to the 1920s. Boasting checkerboard tiles, powder pink walls and an oh-so-pretty velvet kissing seat, it’s designed with late-night debriefs and clattering heels in mind. On top of that, all the products here come courtesy of Cowshed. So yes, you will leave smelling divine, and no, we won’t judge you for decanting some to take with you. 

The Ned Beautiful Bathrooms In London | DesignMyNight

A firm contender for the most Instagrammable bathrooms in London.


Never far from an Insta feed, Sketch's toilets are arguably some of the most bonkers. Looking to be straight out of the latest sci-fi blockbuster, these egg-shaped cubicles stand tall under a dance floor-inspired ceiling. And the disco doesn’t stop there; once inside and seated, the visitor is treated to an LED light show along with futuristic sound effects (which are quite handy for covering those, er, other symphonies...)

Sketch London's Instagrammable Loos | DesignMyNight

Get snap hap-pee in this one-of-a-kind loo.

Brasserie Of Light 

A wonderland of pink marble, the lavatories at Brasserie Of Light scream decadence. Found inside Selfridges, they’re a great place to take a break after a long day of shopping or snap a selfie in your new buys. And if the wall-to-wall pink isn’t quite extra enough for you? Try checking out the 24-foot crystal-encrusted Damien Hirst horse that is suspended above the dining room. It would be rude not to ‘Gram it.

Brasserie Of Light London Beautiful Bathroom | DesignMyNight

Mirror selfies just went up a level.


Ever been called out for taking too long in the bathroom? Well, now you have a legitimate excuse because finding your way out of NOPI’s hall of mirrors-style WC could take you a little while. The ultimate selfie backdrop, this ultra-sleek bathroom will have you seeing double before you’ve even had your sip of wine. Luckily Ottolenghi’s team have installed handy gold lettering, alerting you to the cubicle’s entrance, no doubt averting some close calls. 

Nopi Instagrammable London Bathroom | DesignMyNight

In true Ottolenghi style, the loos at NOPI is a feast for the eyes.

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