Quirky Walks And Tours In London

It's easy to get to see the big sights of a city, but to really get to know a place you have to spend some time down its side alleys. Get away from the tourist traps and discover some local landmarks with one of these cool and quirky London tours. From the best beers in Bermondsey to movie-scene spots and the sordid secrets of the city's ghoulish and ghastly history, read our recommendations for the best quirky walks and tours in London.

Last updated on 2nd August 2022

BucketRace Public Events

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From an Easter-themed hunt to a summer special and the winter wind down, the Bucket Race is bringing you a fun group activity come rain or shine. With teams of up to 4 competing to complete various tasks around London, this is one if you're looking for something a bit different.

Stripey Spanish

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Fancy learning a new language while you walk? Stripey Spanish offers a range of exciting events, where you can socialise, take part in drinks tastings and even go on a pretty ramble. Improve your conversational skills with fellow coursemates as you enjoy the sunny scenes.

  Rock Cab Tours

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@ Various Venues, London on Various dates from Saturday 13th August 2022

Calling all music lovers: this rock n roll tour is just for you. With over two decades in the music industry, Stephen Channell invites you for a black cab tour of some of London's most iconic musical landmarks; from Jimi Hendrix's flat to the location where Bowie shot his iconic Ziggy Stardust cover.

Ale Hunters

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Ale Hunters is a unique walking tour and beer experience taking place across London's best pubs, craft breweries and taprooms. Get the low-down on the creation process while picking up expert knowledge and maybe even sampling a few sips along the way. 

Historic London Tours

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Take a journey through the capital's 2000 year history with Historic London Tours. During the two-hour-long trips, you'll learn about the city's survival through fire and war, the gruesome past of Tower of London, how to tunnel into the Bank of England's vaults and more.

Looking for a quirky way to get around the city? Check out Bustronome, where you'll be treated to amazing views atop a double decker; all while tucking into a mouthwatering menu with specially paired wines. You've never seen this before.

See Your City

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Eyes this way, Potter fans! Fancy getting up close and personal with some actual, real-life Harry Potter filming locations? What about being sorted into a Hogwarts house and using your superior spell knowledge to outwit other houses? Well this quirky London tour will be bringing you all that a then some. You can leave your Firebolt at home as this tour takes you on foot from the entrance to Diagon Alley, past the Leaky Cauldron and all the way to Platform 9 3/4. There's other tours if you're not into Harry Potter!


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Scoot along on this quirky tour around the city, visiting famous landmarks and learning London history, stories and insider information. Whether you're a tourist or just fancy a little bit more knowledge, this unusual way to see the capital is sure to be a fun experience. 

@ Blackfriars on Various dates from Saturday 13th August 2022

Can you crack the case? StreetHunt Games is putting your mystery solving skills to the test, with their quirky outdoor activity that combines a scavenger hunt with amateur sleuthing. Better yet, this self-guided experience is fully flexible and lets you see some of the most interesting streets in London.

When it comes to all things cheeky in the city, we're on the pulse. From secret kinky spots to historic tales like you've never heard before, we've come up with our very own x-rated tour of London, one sexy detail at a time.