Breakfast - is there a more glorious meal? No. Obviously not. Experts are always harping on about how it’s the most important meal of the day. And while trying to beat your personal best for the amount of bacon rashers and fried eggs you can fit into your mouth at any one time is an admirable activity, sometimes what’s needed is something a little, dare I say it, fresher. We’ve had bottomless brunch, we’ve had breakfast buffets; London, welcome to the latest morning trend: healthy breakfasts

Healthy pancakes at The Bermondsey Yard Cafe

Find The Bermonsdey Yard Cafe, a rustic, airy restaurant in Southwark, for a lovely little London breakfast. Their healthy morning menu is short but sweet. There’s a granola made from quinoa, cherries and goji and topped with coconut yogurt and wattle seeds, or if you need to ease yourself more gently into this healthy eating thing, try their buckwheat and buttermilk pancakes, which come with vitamin-packed Buckthorn Powder and mean you can justify eating them every damn day (sort of).

The Bermondsey Yard Cafe

Buckwheat and buttermilk pancakes at The Bermondsey Yard Cafe.

All the eggs at The Breakfast Club

Breakfast pilgrims have queued outside the holy gates of the Breakfast Club for what feels like millennia, worshipping at a divine altar of sausage sandwiches and hash browns. And while not ordering The Full Monty and its towers of bacon might take the will-power of an Olympic athlete, their healthy breakfast options may just convert you to the London clean-eating club. Bennies - their egg menu - have the option of coming with half a butternut squash rather than bread and there’s healthy staple avocados and poached eggs.

The Breakfast Club

Inside 80s-inspired The Breakfast Club in Hackney Wick.

A breakfast salad at Balthazar

Balthazar in Covent Garden may be more associated with theatre packages and fancy French dining, but their healthy breakfast menu is worth getting up early for. As well as scrambled eggs and cornish crab, a protein dream, there’s the breakfast salad. ‘Salad for breakfast’ I hear you cry, ‘this healthy eating malarky has gone too blooming far’, but bear with me. Packed with health foods of the moment such as quinoa, avocado and spinach, it’s got enough nutrients to rationalise not eating another vegetable for the rest of the day, and there’s bacon - salad for breakfast it is!


Homemade cherry and date granola at Balthazar.

The fanciest breakfast at The Ivy Cafe

The Ivy is a London institution, so it seems only right that their cafe serves a brilliant healthy breakfast. With locations in both Marylebone and Wimbledon, the cafe serves fresh, fruity juices and a morning menu until 11.30am. Go for the crushed avocado which comes with sweet pomegranate seed and a selection of seeds - for those heart healthy fats ya know?

The Ivy Cafe

Inside The Ivy Cafe in Marylebone.

Food from a health guru at Clean and Lean

The brainchild of bodycoach and all-round health guru James Duigan, Clean and Lean has found a permanent home in the corner of Fenwick in Mayfair. Smoothies have names such as Body Brilliance, Beauty Food and Ultimate Clean and are whizzed up with coconut oil, almond butter and protein powder. There’s also a range of Acai bowls - a Brazilian berry - that promise to speed up your metabolism and flush out antioxidants.

Clean and Lean

A smoothie at Clean and Lean.

The ultimate acai bowls at The Good Life Eatery

Opening at 8am on weekdays in Belgravia, The Good Life Eatery does what it says on the tin. The majority of the food is gluten and dairy free; grab one of their homemade, gluten-free, granola bowls to go which are topped with fresh fruit and bee pollen, or get something warm such as So Fresh and So Clean, a delicious dish of poached eggs, quinoa, kale and roasted sweet potatoes.

The Good Life Eatery

Morning granola bowls at The Good Life.

The best healthy eating kick starter at Detox Kitchen

Anywhere called Detox Kitchen is is in the business of healthy breakfast. It’s the kind of place you go when you’re so hungover you think you might actually be going blind and you promise yourself that today, yes, today is the day that you embark on a healthy new way of living. And Detox Kitchen’s menu - with dishes such as beetroot and carrot fritters, and avocado on rye bread - might just convince you. There are delis on Kingly Street and Fitzroy Place or they offer a food package delivery service.

Food at Detox Kitchen

Cashew butter with blueberries and avocado with pumpkin seeds on rye bread.