Mezcal Bars And Events In London

In underground bars across the world, a revolution is taking place. Mezcal, the potent Mexican spirit, is going global. As the agave based drink becomes more popular we bring you our top recommendations of where to drink mezcal in London. Experience the hype surrounding tequila's long lost cousin and find out for yourself by visiting London's best mezcal bars and events.

Last updated on 20th March 2023

El Camion Soho

The kind of hidden gem you always dream of stumbling across, El Camion's clientèle are happy to keep it a secret. Low level lighting, a giant selection of mezcal and tequilas, late night DJs and a licence until 3am – this is the perfect recipe for a good night. As if that wasn't enough, you can even order a full meal to your table, courtesy of the restaurant upstairs.

Chamucos Clubhouse

A snug little basement bar, Chamuco's Clubhouse quickly fills up with eager drinkers wishing to try the huge range of premium tequilas and mezcals. Styled like a 'Day of the Dead' parade, think sombrero-wearing skeletons dressed like matadors, plucking at guitars, the atmosphere truly is buzzing. This devilish drinking den serves up some of the best mezcal in London along with refreshing classic cocktails and thirst quenching cervezas.

La Bodega Negra

La Bodega Negra is a secret speakeasy style bar with the warmth of a Mexican cantina, right in the heart of Soho. Descend the stairs past the neon 'Sex Shop' sign to enter a glowing lair full of flavourful cocktails, refreshing beer and a good selection of powerfully potent mezcals, to shot or savour.