Hipster Bars In London

They used to be called beat nicks, then bohemians, then Asos and Instagram came round and the whole world thought they were hipsters. OK so it's just a word, but if you've a penchant for style, art, music and a little bit of an East London edge,  you're a hipster, so welcome to the club. You'll no doubt now want to get yourself a flat in Hackney, grow a pencil moustache and visit one of these cool East London hotspots for your choice of live arts and quirky ambience. 'How did the hipster burn his tongue? He drank it before it was cool'

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Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes

Kooky characterised, Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes is an aspiring art student's inspiration with its ever-changing, intriguing interior themes. A highly attractive hangout if you're looking for a drinking den with a unique edge, showcasing for example a 1950s American home kitchen complete with pharmacy counter and walls dressed in detergents, soaps, sodas and jams. Just one of its many looks, this uber-quirky bar design was as original as its cocktail list, including names like "Aspirin & Lard"!

The Dove

This traditional London pub lies within Broadway Market which is particularly prime spot for those trendy wendys the populace likes to call hipsters. The Dove may look traditional on its surface but wait until the board games come out. The Dove serves an amazing array of rustic gastro dishes, which probably explains why it's so hard to walk in and get a table on weekends.

The Haggerston

The Haggerston in Hackney is a long serving London hipster bar, in fact it was probably present in the beginning. The rustic interior that's become an accustomed feature of East End pub restorations and the eclectic blend of live music from every genre have made it popular with the pre-clubbing Dalston crowd so you'll want to get down early to guarantee your spot. 

The Dolphin

An age old favourite amongst the creatively booted community for often raucous nights in town. This hipster bar is famous for its regular karaoke nights and Victorian décor. There may not be a huge selection of drinks but you'll be too caught up in the party mood and cheap deals to care, honestly, many a night has gone missing at The Dolphin. Put down the guitar and pick up a mic for a fun night down The Dolphin. 

Dalston Superstore

Dalston Superstore serves as a cafe, club and bar in trendy Dalston. It's also a place to leave all inhibitions behind. This quirky London bar hosts regular art exhibitions and live events that draw in a cultured hipster crowd for a lively atmosphere. You'll love the parties held pretty much every day of the week with a wide variation on what music you'll hear. Entry's usually free too.