Bars with Taxidermy in London

Got a penchant for something stuffed? London's most weird and wonderful bars are harbouring something that you might just like. Brimming with authentic taxidermy pieces, stuffed animals and antiquarian charm, these hide-outs are a haven for all things must-see and mounted. Check out our recommendations for the best bars with taxidermy in London. 

The Courtesan

263 user reviews 4

One of the most secretive bars in Brixton, The Courtesan is a hearty and humble joint for dim sum dining, but they're also a great place to discover a dose of taxidermy in London. Plotted behind the bar is a selection of bell jars and stuffed birds that impress, and offset the venue's interiors just right.

The Last Tuesday Society

240 user reviews 5

Dining and drinking with a lion might just be the peak when it comes to taxidermy in London as one of the most unusual bars in the business promises a plethora of stuffed goods. Brought to you The Last Tuesday Society, this off-kilter cocktail cavern promises not only a museum, but stuffed bats, birds, fish and more, all lacing the bars walls.

The Hunter S

6 user reviews 4

A notable Dalston favourite, The Hunter S is a prime place in London to find high end taxidermy lacing the walls. Boasting some of the biggest taxidermy pieces in town, you can dine next to deer heads and drink under a bear as Hunter S show of their stuffed collection in a cool, vintage fashion.