Another cracker from the esteemed ETM group, The Jugged Hare is that dark and handsome stranger you often spot lurking around shady hangouts. This brooding establishment occupies part of the Grade II listed Whitbread Brewery, to reign strong over the Square Mile’s cultural hub.

The Venue

Undeniably handsome, The Jugged Hare harks back to the traditional watering holes of the past, serving up a hearty dose of taxidermy as the order of the day. Excelling in all things game, The Jugged Hare is quite simply stunning. The bar area boasts a menagerie of taxidermied beauties: guinea fowls and other furtive creatures are stacked up behind the bar, whilst a stag's head proudly looms above the main thoroughfare, keeping watch over his patrons with an overwhelming majesty.

Step through to the dining area and you find yourself immersed in a sea of tables, modestly dressed with sweet candles and fine cutlery. Creatures become incarnate in the form of detailed illustrations arranged orderly against exposed brick walls and whitewashed tiles, continuing the theme. The pièce de résistance sits to the right of the space, an open air kitchen that showcases an eight spit rotisserie and charcoal grill; this dining space is both theatrical and honest.

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Taxidermy is the order of the day at The Jugged Hare.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The venue's positioning leaves little to the imagination in terms of it’s clientele: The Jugged Hare pulls in an after-work crowd, ready for a dose of liquid refreshment after a day spent hard at work in the City. It’s proximity to the Barbican Centre however, attracts an eclectic crowd of cultured cats, keen to stop for a moments reflection over a glass of something soothing.

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Enter the dining area to find a sleek and clean cut space for relaxed chow.

The Food and Drinks

The fare at this charming Central London pub is nothing short of spectacular. Starter dished up a sweet pairing of buttered new season asparagus and chopped pheasant egg, alongside a salad of Cotswold Blue Cheese, dandelion, walnut and fennel, our palates were well and truly teased.

Next up, an impressive combination of The Smoked Londoner sausage, served alongside roasted onions, mashed potato and gravy for my partner, and a rump steak for myself, cooked to perfection and served alongside a simple side salad; delightful. After a short pause to catch our breath (and consume fair amount of ETM’s house white), we started on dessert: a hearty plate of rhubarb & apple pie served with ginger ice cream, an equal feat alongside a dark chocolate and walnut tart, garnished with an impressive spoon of clotted cream.

The Jugged Hare London Book Online 
A delightful menu is served at The Jugged Hare, showcasing seasonal game alongside other treats. 


Catering for both the parched and the peckish, The Jugged Hare carries itself with both modesty and flair. This Barbican hangout is as impressive for its lack of pretence as it is for its vibrancy; a delightful choice of both watering hole and eatery.