Best Events in May

May is a damn good month for all you late night pleasure seekers in Brighton. The Bank Holiday gods have blessed us two long weekends to wile away however we see fit, and The Great Escape lands in our fair 'lil seaside town to bring musical madness to our muddled membranes. Read and weep kids - we've whittled down our recommendations for the best events in May. 

Last updated on 15th May 2020

@ Cassidy's Apothecary (Speakeasy Liquor Store) on Wed, 15th Apr 2020 - Wed, 30th Dec 2020

Created by the minds behind Alcotraz, Cassidy's Pharmacy is a Prohibition-inspired immersive cocktail experience. Order your favourite illicit sips to be smuggled to your door, receive secret messages from characters and enjoy from the comfort of home while avoiding detection from the law.

Pick up a new skill this May as the Mixology Group host a plethora of fun, interactive workshops. Getting you mastering the art of mixology just in time for summer, these guys will soon have you creating refreshing cocktails like a pro in no time.