Zombie Experiences In London

Have you got the juiciest brains? Or are your limbs just finger-licking good? Well, you'll have to fight to keep hold of those here. Whether you're looking for an immersive event with live actors or high-tech VR gaming, you'll want to avoid becoming a meaty morsel for the walking dead. Read on to discover the goriest and best zombie experiences in London, if you have a death wish that is.

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Last updated on 16th November 2023

Bunker 51

Head over to Greenwich's Bunker 51 for a zombie experience to be reckoned with. You'll be taking on a live hoard of the undead in their one-hour laser tag, that'll see you battling through a range of games and scenarios. Just make sure not to get bitten.

Sandbox VR London

You'll find plenty of zombies at Sandbox VR in London. Grab your mates and stop the worlds from being taken over by the undead, using cutting-edge virtual reality software. If you succeed, try your hand at aliens or even Squid Game for the ultimate life-or-death situation.


Get ready for the ultimate scare at Trapped, where you'll be stuck in a room with the undead. At this adrenaline-fuelled escape adventure, a zombie will be chained to a wall, which will be released by a foot every five minutes. You'll need to work quickly to solve puzzles before it... well, you can imagine what will happen.